Supporting Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs

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Helping each other rise!

As our side hussle became a business and we started meeting people, it helped us begin to discover our mission and find ourselves in the deep dark sea of retail. We began to discover many talented individuals who are also hungry and dedicated to be their version of successful. It is easy to stray towards the big players an sometimes more cost effective, but it is more rewarding to walk the journey with others who have a passion and are there to share ideas. It is a better experience when you see people grow along side you and can share the joys of accomplishment.

Special acknowledgement to the below small businesses and entrepreneurs that helped us see the joy of working alongside others who are also learning and growing everyday.

Check out Dennis from Tampa Bay, Florida who strives to make sure his orders are out in a timely manner. He has big dreams of having his own shop one day and providing local high school students with a laid back job. What we all have dreamed of : ) Most of the products on our Hemmingway display in the store are using mounts made by Dennis. They work great and we even put them to test by hanging full on drain snakes and buffers from the edge of the shelf for a dramatic look. Dennis was able to customize a mount we needed as well over Instagram messages and images. Now that is some talent and communication skills. 

Massca is based in Chatsworth, California and a family operated businessThey are challenging the market with an awesome jig. We are proud to partner with them as they expand into the retail space and grow their product line. If you've been to our store you know we have a Massca jig out on full display to try.

Charles expresses his motto through apparel. The Real Everyday People (TREP) is a representation of hard working people. We met online through Instagram realizing we were local to each other and targeting the same audience. Why not partner up and fight this retail space together helping each other rise? OC Tool House is the first store front offering TREP apparel. Who knows what will happen from here, maybe some limited edition swag from OC Tool House and TREP! Keep an eye on TREP because I see a Glow-Up in the future.

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