Massca 12 Inch Aluminum Lever Clamp

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The Massca Aluminum Lever Clamp is made of aluminum alloy steel and a carbon steel bar with a clamping power of up to 440lbs of pressure. Made almost entirely of heavy-duty metal, it's unlike any other lever clamp on the market. Whether you are on the job, in the workshop, or right at home, the Massca Aluminum Lever Clamp will be the extra hand you need to get the job done quickly and easily. Crafted with quality in mind. The Massca Lever Clamp is built to last a lifetime and offer the secure hold you've been searching for.


  • Lever Clamp 12”
  • Aluminum alloy steel
  • Carbon steel bar
  • Fast and convenient clamping
  • Quick-adjust feature
  • Removable clamping pads
  • Clamping power up to 440lbs/200kgs
  • Throat depth: 3-1/3”(85mm)
  • Clamping capacity: 12” (300mm)

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